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  • About the Shelf


    Our shelf is made with cardboard. This is part of the project called upcycling, which aims to reduce waste by using materials and making something new out of it. If this cardboard was just recycled, it would go through an entire process using time and resources only to become yet another box made out of cardboard.

    Time Spent

    A lot of time was dedicated to this project to ensure the highest-quality product was produced. With a frame structure held together by industrial tape, paper-mache making each and every surface smooth, and several coats of paint added, you can’t go wrong with a structure like this.

  • Perks of our Shelf


    If the shelf falls, it will not break. Many precautions were taken while designing this.


    Our shelf has a lot of shelving space, and can fit almost all everyday items from devices to books.


    The shelf is very successful in doing it's job, which is to store things in an organized way.

    Looks Good

    When designing, we put all elements of art into consideration to ensure the best look possible.

  • Bidding

    If you would like to purchase this shelf, please add your bid to the padlet linked here by commenting your name and amount: https://padlet.com/687774/shelfbidding 

  • Contact Us

    6755 Lisgar Dr
    Mississauga, ON
    8:25 AM to 2:25 PM